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Located in Montreal, our company specializes in machining aluminum parts.

High-quality machining skills

TORCO has been working in the aluminum machining industry for more than 30 years. We craft customized parts to meet every possible request. You simply need the idea and we will bring it to life! We have sophisticated equipment that quickly and efficient gets the job done. Our services are flexible and can be adapted to fit any budget. Furthermore, we always adhere to all regulations and standards. Whatever your machining needs may be, we will be able to step in and provide the right answers.

We guarantee personalized parts that meet all industry standards

Usinage aluminium Montréal
Usinage aluminium Laval

Satisfying work and services

We are available to handle all your aluminum machining orders. Our team is careful to adhere to all delivery timelines and guarantees the quality of the products delivered. Furthermore, we can provide advice throughout the manufacturing process. With DEC degrees in mechanical engineering, our experts can also put their micromachining expertise to use! Get in touch to request a quote for service.

TORCO delivers all orders on time

Our strengths:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Sophisticated equipment
  • Staff with DEC degrees in mechanical engineering

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